Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Matraca Berg

In the April-May issue of The Americana Gazette, Frye Gaillard profiles Hall of Fame songwriter Matraca Berg on the eve of the release of her new Dualtone CD, “The Dreaming Fields.” Gaillard called the CD “a powerful body of Americana music, delivered in (Berg’s) silky, unmistakable voice. There are songs of sadness and songs of hurt, but all of them carry the redemption of beauty and the clarity and heart of a poet looking back… This is Berg at her best.”

Friday, January 28, 2011

Alabama Heritage

The winter 2011 issue of Alabama Heritage, an award-winning quarterly published by the University of Alabama and the Alabama Department of Archives and History, features Frye Gaillard’s article on Bayou La Batre, an embattled fishing village on the Alabama coast. Adapted from his book, In the Path of the Storms, co-authored with Sheila Hagler and Peggy Denniston, Gaillard’s story explores the history of the Bayou community from its founding in 1789 through the devastations of Hurricane Katrina and the BP oil spill of 2010.