Thursday, August 16, 2012

Will Campbell Tribute

In its Summer 2012 edition, the national journal, Perspectives in Religious Studies, devoted the whole issue to the work and life of Will Campbell, a theologian, preacher and author whose unique understanding of Christianity has made him one of the most important religious figures of the past hundred years. Frye Gaillard, a longtime friend of Campbell’s, had the honor of contributing two items to this latest Campbell tribute. The first was a profile reprinted from Gaillard’s book, With Music and Justice for All, and paired in the journal with the lyrics to “The Gospel According to Will,” a song co-written by Gaillard and Nashville recording artist Kathryn Scheldt. In May 2012, Scheldt sang the song during a tribute dinner to Campbell, held at Belmont University in Nashville. “It was a thrill to hear the lyrics and Kathryn’s beautiful melody in that setting,” Gaillard said, “a real highlight for both Kathryn and me.”